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A day of skiing spent hitting the slopes, enjoying the outdoors, the snow and the great sensations provided by this unanimously loved sport, is the best way to enjoy winter.

But when we return, we are often exhausted by the intensity of the day, we are cold and above all we are very hungry! This is why we dream of good hot dishes which can be prepared easily and quickly, because we don’t have the strength to spend hours in the kitchen after such a day.

So let yourself be tempted by our 10 après-ski recipes, perfect for ending your sports day in style!

The Real Croque-Monsieur

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This is the quickest recipe to prepare after a day of skiing. Topped with a homemade béchamel, this croque-monsieur is stuffed with ham and mountain cheese, such as Beaufort or Tomme.
You can customize with another cheese that melts well, according to your tastes, or by choosing from the typical cheeses of the region. We brown it in the oven, and we sit down at the table: everyone will enjoy this simple and effective recipe! Serve the croque-monsieur with a nice green salad or a plate of fries. See the recipe for the real croque-monsieur.

Classic Mac and Cheese

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There is nothing more filling and comforting than pasta! And when they are gratinated in the oven, with lots of different cheeses, we have the ideal dish to share after skiing. Preparing Mac and cheese is very simple, you just have to prepare the béchamel and mix it with pasta that has previously been pre-cooked. Add the cheese of your choice and brown in the oven until the cheese is well melted and the gratin is golden brown.
The original Mac and cheese requires cheddar, but since we’re skiing, we’re going to make a mountain version with local cheeses. See the Mac and cheese recipe.

Indian coconut chicken curry

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If you want exoticism and originality, while remaining on a hot, satiating and comforting dish, opt for this magnificent Indian-style coconut chicken, super fragrant!
Its advantage is that you can prepare it in advance, even the day before, and reheat it just before eating it with white rice. It is therefore the ideal dish to quickly eat after a sporting day on the slopes. See the recipe for Indian coconut chicken curry.

Quiche lorraine simple

@ Silvia Santucci

To keep it simple with an easy-to-prepare recipe, here is this delicious Lorraine quiche, quick and easy to prepare! Prepare it as soon as you get back from skiing: once in the oven, this quiche will give you time to shower and come back to relax at the table! See the recipe for simple quiche Lorraine.

Onion soup

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If it’s a good soup that you want, you can’t miss this fabulous onion soup gratinated in the oven: tasty and economical, we personalize it with mountain cheese which will give even more character to this emblematic dish of French cuisine!
The heart of the recipe lies in the choice of onions: they must be yellow and large, softer and more pleasant in the mouth and easier to slice than smaller onions. See the onion soup recipe.

Savoyard fondue

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To stick with traditional mountain dishes to share, don’t hesitate to prepare a real Savoyard fondue! All you need to prepare it is to choose good cheese. In the recipe we mix Beaufort, Comté and Abondance, but nothing stops you from mixing other melting mountain cheeses, or replacing one of the cheeses with Emmental or Gruyère.

Choose a country bread with a nice crust and a dense crumb: it will be perfect topped with melted cheese! See the Savoyard fondue recipe.

“Pasta e ceci”: pasta and chickpea soup like in Italy

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A typical winter dish very common in Italy, pasta and chickpea soup (“pasta and chickpeas” in Italian) is a thick, very tasty and filling soup, which is eaten as a single dish. This soup is best if prepared in advance and reheated: it is therefore perfect for your après-ski, because just before enjoying it you will only have to put your feet under the table, wait for it to heat up and you enjoy! See the recipe for pasta and chickpea soup.

The croziflex

@ Nadia Pepper

Comfort after skiing is guaranteed with this most popular winter dish! Cousin of tartiflette, croziflette is a Savoyard specialty made from Reblochon, bacon, onions and crème fraîche. Until then, the ingredients are the same between the two cousins ​​which only differ for one ingredient. In the tartiflette we put potatoes, while in the croziflette we put crozets, small pastas typical of Savoy, made with buckwheat flour. See the croziflette recipe.

Old-style hot chocolate

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For dessert, go all out on chocolate! Prepare a good hot chocolate: it will please everyone and everyone will be well warmed up. Preparing hot chocolate is very simple, just heat milk and add squares of chocolate until they melt. You can mix dark chocolate and milk chocolate, as in our recipe, or choose one or the other. For an original and fragrant touch, add a little cinnamon which goes wonderfully with the chocolate. See the recipe for old-fashioned hot chocolate.

Unfailing fondant chocolate cake

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And if it’s with a real cake that you want to end your après-ski meal in style, this fondant chocolate cake is made for you! Easy and quick to prepare, it cooks in half an hour and can be enjoyed warm or cold. We enjoy it plain, or with Chantilly cream. If you ever have any left, it will also be perfect the next day for breakfast, to gain strength before another day of skiing! See the recipe for the unfailing fondant chocolate cake.

Happy skiing holidays and good après-ski food!


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