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Hot summer days call for the tasting of refreshing and generous desserts. And what better way to satisfy those sweet cravings than a scoop of ice cream sublimated into an exceptional dessert? Decorated with a few toppings, the simple scoops of ice cream are transformed into gourmet creations. Let yourself be seduced by our 5 recipe ideas.

Let’s start with a great classic of frozen desserts: Peach Melba. Pair a juicy, halved, skinless peach with a scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream. Cover everything with a raspberry coulis and sprinkle with crispy slivered almonds for a taste experience balanced between sweetness and acidity, crunchy and melting.

For a refreshing explosion of flavors, dare Colonel Ice Cream. Make balls of lime sorbet and place them in chilled cups. Sprinkle the ice with vodka, add a slice of lime for decoration and it’s ready!

Immerse yourself in the rustic richness of the Ardèche region with this creation. Combine the sweetness of vanilla ice cream with the generosity of chestnut cream. Top it off with a generous layer of whipped cream and a shower of dark chocolate shavings.

Invite the exotic to join your dessert with the Frozen Banana Foster. Flambé banana slices in a mixture of butter, brown sugar and rum to create a rich, fragrant caramel. Accompany this preparation with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A true delight !

End your taste adventure with a timeless classic: Dame Blanche ice cream. A scoop of vanilla ice cream draped in a generous cascade of melted chocolate, itself covered with a mountain of whipped cream and slivered almonds. Last touch of indulgence, stick a crispy Russian cigarette in the ice cream. A classic that always creates a sensation to end a meal in style.


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