The exact moment in which a man died after being trampled by an elephant at the Elephant Safari Center in India.

The victim, identified as Balakrishnan, local resident and mahout of the center, He was carrying out his usual duties when the elephant he was trying to guide suddenly charged him..

According to eyewitnesses, Balakrishnan was trying to position the elephant so a tourist could ride it when the animal became enraged and violently attacked him.. The elephant hit him with its trunk and then trampled him, causing fatal injuries.

What can you see in the elephant video?

A video of the incident, widely shared on social media, shows the harrowing moment when Balakrishnan is hit and crushed by the elephant. The images have generated shock and concern among the local community.

The authorities have launched an investigation to clarify the exact circumstances of the attack. It is being evaluated whether there was provocation to the elephant or whether there was any negligence on the part of the safari center regarding security measures.

Balakrishnan’s tragic death has reignited debate over worker safety and elephant welfare at Indian safari resorts. Voices in the community have demanded urgent improvements to working conditions and the implementation of stricter measures to protect both workers and visitors.

This incident serves as a reminder of the risks inherent in handling elephants in tourist resorts and underscores the need to ensure rigorous safety standards in all operations involving wild animals, experts reflect.


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