Patrizia Cormos, 20 years old; Bianca Doros, 23, and Cristian Molnar, 25, died after being swept away by the current of the Natisone River, in Italy. This case, which went viral on social networks, moved the entire world, as the young people hugged each other and remained united until the end.

The protagonists of this tragedy went to share in the tributary, without expecting that they would face an unfortunate episode that claimed their lives.

According to what was expressed by the DailyMail, Patrizia Cormos and Bianca Doros They were best friends, and the latter had a romantic relationship with Cristian Molnar.

This medium also shared that the young Bianca Doros was from Romania and was in Italy visiting her family when the tragedy occurred.

On the other hand, the Corriere della Sera newspaper stated that Patrizia Cormos’s mother almost prevented her from attending the plan in which she ended up losing her life. The young woman’s parent reported that her daughter asked her permission, to which she responded that it was best for her not to attend. However, Patrizia told him that “They would just go hang out and take some photos. She told me: ‘Mom, don’t be angry.’

They tried to rescue them

It was a firefighter who told the young people that They stayed together so that the current would not drag them away. Then, the friends crossed their arms and clung to the hope of staying alive.

However, the efforts of the relief agencies were in vain, since the young people ended up swallowed by the water and disappeared. Authorities say they may have panicked.

On June 3, the bodies of Patrizia Cormos and Bianca Doros were found in the Natisone River, Italy. Firefighters continue to search for Cristian Molnar and to do so they use drones, boats and divers.


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