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The video of a Leclerc client went around the Internet since it was viewed more than 2 million times on Facebook. Through the filmed images, we can see the Nice customer (according to her profile) weighing her onions while shopping at Leclerc. She weighs her onions for the first time with a price of 2 euros for 570 grams. She repeats the experience but this time, she removes the plastic tray placed on the scale and obtains a very different price since it increases to 1 euro 47. From the outset, the consumer accused Leclerc of ripping off customers since she noticed a price difference of more than 50 cents. It should be noted that the video is filmed very closely. It is therefore not possible to verify that the weighings both started from 0 kg. Contacted by 20 Minutes to know the exact location of the store, the customer did not want to answer.

Faced with this accusatory video, Leclerc wanted to defend himself. The brand defended itself in the columns of 20 Minutes giving explanations as to the reason for this difference. According to Leclerc, the plateau is only present for “make cleaning easier”. Leclerc continued his explanations to the media: “The brand adds that the weight of the scale has been ‘adjusted accordingly so as not to harm customers: with the tray, the weight is 0 kg, without it the empty weight is negative’” can we read in the 20 Minutes article. Indeed, weighing instruments used in shopping centers are highly regulated. If the scales are not tarnished as the customer thinks, the brand could be criminally prosecuted, specifies the National Consumer Institute (INC) on its site. The store must therefore regularly check that its scales are up to date in terms of maintenance and compliance. Checks are carried out every one or two years by an approved body which issues a green sticker if the device is compliant. This label must be visible to all consumers.


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