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Do you dream of owning your own restaurant? Your wish may come true if you take part in the surprising raffle organized in the village of Uzos (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). Behind this idea, Casey and Vincent Lucas, a couple of soon-to-retire restaurateurs who are unable to find a buyer. Faced with this difficult situation and out of love for their establishment, they are therefore organizing a raffle whose jackpot will be this same restaurant, Le Pare-Faim.

Although several potential buyers have presented themselves, Caset and Vincent Lucas are struggling to find a buyer for their establishment, as reported The Republic of the Pyrenees. For two years, the visits have been chained, without any real success. It is to avoid seeing his favorite restaurant permanently close its doors that the couple therefore had this idea, to say the least original, of a raffle.

It is through a publication Facebook that the couple of restaurateurs announced, on Monday August 14, the stake in their establishment with the following message: “Win a restaurant in the southwest of France and change your life“. They even assured that the offer was valid “without any personal contribution or bank loan” This raffle is based on a system of purchasing tickets at €50 each, then on a draw. In short, a classic raffle… if we omit, of course, the prize to be won.

Even if the price of tickets is higher than normal, it goes without saying that the game is well worth the effort. The proof is: more than 200 tickets have already been sold. To know the lucky winner of this raffle like no other, you will have to be a little patient. The draw is scheduled for October 31.


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