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On average, the French consume 500 g of garlic each year. It must be said that garlic is an almost essential ingredient in cooking today. To reveal the taste of a dish and give character to a recipe, this food is absolutely ideal. The problem ? If it enhances the flavor of a preparation, its taste and smell remains in the mouth, causing bad breath.

During a first date or even a work meeting, it is better to avoid eating it. If, however, you like to cook it, know that there is a solution to avoid this inconvenience. Indeed, a study has found a miracle ingredient to overcome bad breath linked to garlic consumption.

Doctoral student Manpreet Kaur and Professor Sheryl Barringer, from Ohio State University, were interested in garlic. They wondered more specifically how to counter its taste and odor which remain in the mouth and are the cause of bad breath. The results, published in the scientific journal Moleculesshowed thatThere is one ingredient that would significantly reduce the effects of garlic: yogurt. In fact, the latter would reduce 99% of the particles responsible for the odor of raw garlic and between 82 and 94% of the particles responsible for the odor of fried garlic.

The reason is simple: It is the fat and proteins present in yogurts that have the power to neutralize the odor of this food. Thus, the more fat and protein the yogurt contains, the more effective its action will be. This is why Professor Sheryl Barringer believes that Greek yogurt would have an even better impact than others.

However, in order to obtain the desired effect, the specialist specifies that yogurt should be consumed as soon as possible after consuming garlic.

However, the work has shown that to have an optimal result, it is advisable to favor fried garlic since the latter would help reduce the odor in the mouth. For what ? Frying garlic would actually reduce the presence of particles responsible for its bad smell.

But yogurts aren’t the only effective foods. Another study from 2010 also showed that milk was also a good option to get rid of the garlic smell. We’ll let you test it!


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