A young 19-year-old mechanic was shot to death inside his truck. The event occurred in Lanús, Argentina. When this man was preparing to go on vacation with his friends, he was approached by his ex-father-in-law and his son, who were driving two cars, and they shot him ten times. The victim crashed and was taken to a hospital, but did not survive.

According to Todo Noticias, The victim was identified as Enzo Gabriel Capis. The authorities are on the trail of the owner of a mechanics workshop and his son; the relatives of the deceased accuse them of having committed the crime for reasons of revenge. The accusations are based on a relationship that he had with the daughter and sister of those accused.

The crime occurred last Saturday, February 24, 2024, around one in the morning. The young man’s truck collided with a light pole at the intersection of José León Suárez and Benito Pérez streets.in the south of the city.

Enzo Capis, who was in a Ford F100 truck, was shot twice in the abdomen. The authorities ordered the capture of a subject known as the Mechanic and his 19-year-old son. According to witnesses, they saw these two guys chasing Enzo’s truck in two Volkswagen Boras.

After the authorities carried out the investigations, They reconstructed the scene thanks to videos from security cameras in the area where it is observed that Capis swerves, gets on the platform and crashes his car.

The residents of the area alerted the authorities, The Police arrived at the scene and determined that the driver had two wounds in the abdomen. and the truck had ten bullet holes. In addition, the hood was raised and the windshield was damaged by the impact of the vehicle.

“He was with his family because he was about to go on vacation. Once she put the things in the truck she went to get gas, The family noticed that he did not return and after a while they found out that he had been shot.“, were the words of one of the researchers who spoke with the Télam media, cited by the TN portal.

A witness who witnessed the entire chase said that, before Enzo’s car hit, He was being chased by the other two cars and they were shooting at him. In addition, he stated that he knew the two cars since they were in the neighborhood where the accused had the workshop.

Investigators collected video from the cameras and determined that The shots occurred 400 meters back where the victim’s vehicle collided.. “In one of the cameras you can see a single vehicle that was chasing him. The truck reverses and is shot there. Then they escape from the place,” the experts stated.

After crashing his vehicle, Enzo was taken to the Evita hospital from the emergency room.. The injuries he had were serious, even though the man tried to fight for his life, he underwent emergency surgery and hours later he would die.

The case is investigated by the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI), which He clarified that it was homicide. At the moment it is known that the young man worked in the workshop of the subject identified as the Mechanic, allegedly responsible for the crime.

He and his son are missing, while the authorities have carried out three raids in search of the two alleged murderers, but have not been able to find their whereabouts.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office investigations say that the homicide is linked to revenge for the relationship that the young man had with the daughter of the accused. Earlier this month, Capis’s family had reported the Mechanic for an attack with a firearm that he had carried out in front of their homethe case was under investigation, unfortunately it came to light and led Enzo to a direct attack that claimed his life.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/joven-fue-atacado-a-bala-mientras-iba-en-su-camioneta-su-exsuegro-es-senalado-de-disparar-rg10

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