There is controversy in the United States over a court ruling in Alabama. The Supreme Court of that State determined that embryos have the same rights as a child.

Through a needle, the sperm is injected into a mature egg, then stored in a tube with a temperature of up to -198 degrees Celsius.
This is the process of freezing embryos, which is complemented by in vitro fertilization, a delicate process that from now on in the State of Alabama It could put those who make a mistake in jail or destroy them.

“The central question presented is whether the law contains an unwritten exception to that rule for unborn children, who are outside the biological womb at the time they are killed. Under current law, the answer to that question is no. The law on wrongful death of minors applies to all unborn the opinion of the Court, in a vote of 8 to 1.

Frozen embryos are children under Alabama law

This decision was made after a couple sued a mobile clinic in which their embryos had been destroyed, a determination that, for organizations such as the National Infertility Association, It would have very serious implications for in vitro fertilization.

Although this ruling only applies to the State of Alabama, it is speculated that similar lawsuits will be filed in other states and that other courts will begin to make similar decisions.


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