There is alert in Antarctica, Therefore, for the third consecutive year, the ice on the white continent registers historical minimum levels. Specialists assure that the thaw could have serious consequences for different species and natural processes.

According to the United States National Snow and Ice Data Center, the extent of ice surrounding Antarctica It has decreased in total two million square kilometers, almost the size of Mexico.

In other words, the sea ice extent would be expected to be approximately 16,4 million square kilometers on this date. However, currently there is only 14,1 million square kilometers.

Experts say that the month of February each year is the period in which Antarctic sea ice reaches its lowest level. For several scientists, this situation can generate major ecosystem changes.

“Mainly because of the consequences that this may have on bodies of water. Changes in salinity and density can affect fundamental processes such as the trophic chain, the food chain of the living beings that inhabit these ecosystems.. It can also affect remote regions such as the equatorial regions, where Colombia is located. The outlook is not encouraging,” said David Tovar, associate researcher at the Colombian Antarctic Program.

According to Tovar, Arctic sea ice influences the circulation of oxygen and nutrients around the world.. Also, it states that the decrease in ice causes less reflection of solar energy into space, which leads to an increase in ocean warming.


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