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“A worrying incident” took place in the premises of the palace L’Hôtel du Palais, according to a manager of the Hyatt group. Indeed, an alleged hazing would be at the origin of the departure of the starred chef Aurélien Largeau from the luxury hotel. An article from South West published on Thursday December 28, 2023 denounces facts which allegedly occurred on December 2 in the kitchens of the palace. Following the publication of the images on social networks, the hotel management reacted immediately: This incident does not reflect the values ​​that we all defend, an investigation was carried out and the appropriate decisions were made.”.

The regional daily collected worrying testimonies. A young clerk was allegedly tied naked to a chair in front of members of the brigade, including Aurélien Largeau. According to images posted on social networks (since removed), the victim appeared with an apple in his mouth and a carrot in his buttocks. In the process, the departure of chef Aurélien Largeau took place on December 21, 2023.Contacted by RTLAurélien Largeau said to himself “devastated”but denies the reported facts, specifying that his lawyers are working on his defense.

If no complaint was filed, an investigation was opened this Thursday for sexual assault and violence, explained the public prosecutor of Bayonne, Jérôme Bourrier to BFMTV. As for the palace, the group clarified with theAFP that management was informed of this incident: “The management of the Hôtel du Palais is informed of the worrying incident (…) and of the images that have circulated”. These are very serious facts which have been condemned by many people including Jean-Pierre Istre, the president of the Union of Hotel Trades and Industries (Umih) in the Basque Country as well as the Bondir.e association which fights against violence in the restaurant sector.


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