The first person for whom the Peruvian State approved euthanasia, Ana Estrada (47 years old), who suffered from a progressive degenerative disease, died on Sunday through this medical procedure, her lawyer reported in a statement on Monday.

On Sunday, April 21, 2024, Ana Estrada exercised her fundamental right to a dignified death and agreed to the medical procedure of euthanasia. Ana died on her own terms, in accordance with the idea of ​​her dignity and in full control of her autonomy until the end,” said lawyer Josefina Miró Quesada.

The statement detailed that the medical procedure was carried out in accordance with the Dignified Death Plan and Protocol applicable to Estrada, which was approved by the state social security EsSalud “within the framework of the historic ruling in his favor, issued on February 23, 2021 and ratified by the Supreme Court on July 14 and 27, 2022”.

Ana Estrada suffered from polymyositis since she was 12 years old.a degenerative and incurable disease that weakens muscles and kept her connected to an artificial respirator.

In recent years, he was the symbol of euthanasia in Peru, since he was one of the first people to open its debate in society.

“Ana left grateful to all the people who echoed her voice, who accompanied her in her fight and who, unconditionally, supported her decision with love and empathy,” the family shared in the information, adding that they thanked the officials. publics who were members of the Ombudsman’s Office at the time and defended it.

He recalled that his case allowed the Peruvian justice system to recognize for the first time in its history “that we all have the right to die with dignity”, after a legal battle that began in 2019.

“Ana’s fight for her right to a dignified death has made thousands of Peruvians visible and aware of the importance of defending these rights. Her fight has transcended the borders of our country and has marked a milestone in the region,” he pointed.

He added that Ana Estrada, a psychologist by profession, “became the face of this just cause that aims to defend dignity from beginning to end and the freedom to decide about our lives and our bodies”.

“Ana’s legacy will live in the minds and hearts of many people and in the history of our country. Her family and loved ones celebrate her life, and we appreciate the expressions of solidarity, support and understanding towards Ana’s fight,” he concluded. the notice.

On January 22, Ana Estrada was satisfied to be able to choose the doctor who would assist her when she decided to undergo euthanasia, after the resolution of the observations made to the procedure protocol by social security.

“This is for me, exactly as I proposed from the first day… I knew that this was a guarantee for my life. I I needed this green card so that I can live fully in this last stagethat it is not painful, nor with anxiety about what is going to happen,” the patient said then.


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