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For the chef, a good mash depends in particular on properly cooking the potatoes. Indeed, as he explains, it is essential not to overcook them and therefore not to boil them too much: “You need to simmer them slightly, but definitely not boil. Otherwise, the water will cause the potatoes to explode, the water will penetrate the flesh and the mash will be completely diluted.”

To avoid this, Norbert Tarayre specifies that it is necessary to start cooking in cold water. By starting to cook in boiling water, the potatoes will cook on the outside but will not be cooked through. They will also risk exploding. Note, with a start in cold water, you need around 40 minutes of simmering cooking time for one kilo of potatoes.

The chef also specifies to be careful in choosing “potatoes of the same size”.

To give flavor to the puree, the chef has his little secret: add herbs to the cooking water. To do this, you can opt for several ingredients that will flavor your broth, such as bay leaf, thyme, leek greens or even crushed garlic cloves.

  1. Once the potatoes are finished cooking, Norbert Tarayre peels them before putting them through a vegetable mill.
  2. He then puts the puree in a saucepan before incorporating the milk, cream and a good dose of butter. You then need around 50g of crème fraîche, 200g of milk and 300 to 400g of butter for one kilo of potatoes.
  3. The chef recommends first incorporating the hot mixture of milk and cream, whisking continuously over low heat, then adding the butter cut into small cubes.

All you have to do is enjoy!


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