The asteroid Apophis, named after the ancient Egyptian god of chaos and destruction, has been the subject of attention and study since its discovery in 2004. Initially, it was thought that this celestial body, approximately 340 meters in diameter, could pose a threat to Earth due to its orbit projections that indicated a significant approach in 2029 and a possibility of impact in 2068. HoweverNASA has provided a reassuring update on the trajectory of this meteorite.

NASA has conducted extensive analysis using radar observations to refine Apophis’ orbit estimate to extreme precision. This study has allowed astronomers to conclude that There is no risk of Apophis impacting our planet for at least a century.

Concern about a possible impact in 2068 has been dismissed thanks to recent observations that have collapsed the uncertainty in Apophis’ orbit from hundreds of kilometers to just a few when projected to 2029.

Asteroid Apophis will pass by Earth in 2029

According to NASA, on April 13, 2029, Apophis will pass at a distance of approximately 32,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface. Although this proximity is close enough for Earth’s gravity to slightly affect the asteroid’s trajectory, it does not pose a collision danger.

In fact, this event will offer a unique opportunity for scientists and astronomers to study a large asteroid so closely.

NASA is taking advantage of the future proximity of Apophis to prepare for an unprecedented event in the history of space exploration. A spacecraft, OSIRIS-APEX, has been assigned to orbit the asteroid for 18 months and study the materials there.

These types of missions are crucial to better understand the composition and structure of asteroids, as well as to develop mitigation strategies in case a real impact threat is ever identified.


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