At least 47 people were killed and another 121 injured in the last 24 hours in the Gaza Strip due to Israeli attacksaccording to the daily bulletin of the Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas.

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With these figures, there are now 37,598 Palestinians who have lost their lives and 86,032 injured since the war began and the majority – around 70% – are women and children, according to the ministry.

Added to all this are the more than 10,000 bodies that according to estimates They remain under the rubble and to which neither the ambulances nor the rescue teams have yet been able to access them.

Painful Saturday in Gaza

The Gaza Health data followed a Saturday in which the Strip recorded one of its deadliest days in weeks, with 101 deaths throughout the Palestinian enclave, the result of a series of particularly intense bombings in the neighborhoods of Al Shati, Al Tuffah and ZeitĂșn, in Gaza City, to the north.

In said capital, the bombings continued throughout this Sunday, where at least 13 people lost their lives since dawn.

“Warplanes of the (Israeli) occupation attacked a house in the Al Sabra neighborhood, south of Gaza City,” causing eight deaths and leaving dozens injured, the Palestinian news agency Wafa reported this morning.

Furthermore, at night, an air attack on a residence near the central Al Jawhara Tower, the remains of an emblematic office building – bombed in 2014 – killed three other people.

What does Israel say?

Also in Gaza City, two more people lost their lives in the attack on a house in Al Shati, an area in which a bombardment already killed another 24 Gazans yesterday.

“In the last day, the Israeli Air Force attacked dozens of terrorist targets throughout the Strip,” a military statement said this Sunday.

The Army assured to continue its operations in the southern Rafah, where it said it had found weapons, tunnels and terrorist infrastructure undergroundas well as having eliminated a terrorist cell that operated near its troops.

According to Wafa, the armed forces’ attacks were concentrated in the center and south of the city, bordering Egypt, as well as in the north, where a house was bombed.

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