The number of dead people increased to seven, while ten have been reported injured and 17 missing near the tourist city of Baños de Agua Santa, in central Ecuador, where a landslide was recorded over the weekend. of great proportion as an effect of the intense rains, reported official sources.

According to a recent report from the National Secretariat for Risk Management (SNGR), three of the injured were transferred to the Baños de Agua Santa hospital, while seven remain at the site and have minor injuries.

The avalanche was recorded in the El Placer hamlet, in the Río Verde area, near Baños de Agua Santa, in the province of Tungurahua, where the volcano of the same name rises, the SNGR report added.

Due to the rains recorded in the sector, a landslide of magnitude occurred that completely affected the main road, affecting people and machinery that were working in the sector.“added the source, in reference to the closure of the highway that connects Baños de Agua Santa with Puyo, the capital of the neighboring Amazonian province of Pastaza.

For its part, the ECU-911 Integrated Security Service indicated that a highway bridge in the area is at risk due to the increase in the flow of the Pastaza River.

Likewise, he pointed out that in the Pelileo area, near Baños de Agua Santa, there was a landslide that affected the Cahuají-Pillate-Cotaló road, which crosses the foot of the Tungurahua volcano.

The videos captured by the emergency in Ecuador and shared on social networks are impressive.

The storms recorded this weekend have affected several areas of the Andean provinces of Tungurahua, Chimborazo, Pichincha, Azuay and Cañar, as well as the Amazonian provinces of Napo, Pastaza and Morona Santiago, according to reports from ECU-911.

The Minister of Transportation and Public Works, Roberto Luque, traveled to the Baños de Agua Santa area to closely follow the actions of the emergency response agencies in that region hit by the storms.

“The National Government is in Baños to verify with the local authorities all the affected points and make decisions to solve the emergencies that have been registered not only here, but in the other cantons of the province,” Luque wrote in a message in your social network account

Likewise, the authorities reported that this Monday virtual classes will be held in response to the emergency in Ecuador.


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