UOne of the biggest air disasters happened ten years ago and, a decade later, many questions remain unanswered. At issue is MH370, which departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, bound for Beijing, China. The aircraft deviated from the expected trajectory, turning west and crossing the Malaysian peninsula.

There were 239 people on board the Malaysia Airlines plane, of 15 nationalities, and, as The New York Times recalls, it is believed that the Boeing 777 flew for a few hours after losing contact with the radars. Some officials believe the plane may have crashed into the Indian Ocean after running out of fuel.

The reason why the plane ‘disappeared’ from radars remains to be discovered, and the The case has even given rise to a series on Netflix.

In an article published this Friday, the New York Times highlighted the research that has been taking place, and the most important milestones throughout this decade.

But, ten years later, what is known about this accident?

Air and land investigation

The first phase of the searches took place very intensely in the 52 days following the accident, and the searches were carried out mainly through the air – requiring the mobilization of 334 search flights.

In 2017, three years after the accident, the governments of China, Australia and Malaysia canceled the underwater searches, which cost $150 million. In January 2018, the Malaysian government began another investigation, after families, who continue to search for answers, put pressure on government officials. The new investigation lasted a few months, and ended without results.

What has already been found?

Although no planes have been found this decade, around 20 pieces of wreckage have been discovered that are believed to have belonged to the plane in question. The pieces were located on the African coast and also in Madagascar or Mauritius.

In 2015, a flaperon from a Boeing 777, which is part of the wings, was found near Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, which could make it possible that it was wreckage from flight MH370.

The following year, in Mozambique, a triangular piece was found that said “Do not step on”, the material of which corresponded to the same material that airplanes are made of.

In the same year, the Australian government even confirmed that part of a wing that appeared in Tanzania belonged to that flight.

What are the theories for the disappearance of this flight?

The lack of information after the investigations led to many theories as to what happened that day, March 8, 2014.

According to what the North American publication points out, some officials believe that the plane ran out of fuel and that the pilots attempted to land at sea. There are also those who point out that both pilots lost control of the plane or that one of them could be “dishonest” and be involved in something – or even that someone else took control of the aircraft.

What do the government conclusions say?

A four-year investigation did not reach any decisive conclusions. The results were known in 2018, and family members have since then questioned decision-makers about what happened – given that no body turned up.

One of those responsible for the investigation, Kok Soo Chon, explained that the available evidence, which included the flight route and the disconnection of communication equipment on the plane, “irresistibly point” to “illegal interference”, which opens the door. for the possibility that the aircraft had been diverted – even so, there is no suspicion of the reason that could have led to this or even who.

The pilots were also thoroughly investigated and no anomalies were detected.

And now?

This week, Malaysian authorities admitted in a statement that the government was ready to launch a new search. “This search is, without a doubt, the most difficult and, in fact, the most pertinent”, they stated.

“We have been working with many experts, some outside of Ocean Infinity [que realizou as buscas]to continue analyzing the data in hopes of narrowing the search area to one where success becomes potentially achievable,” they concluded.

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