O Mayor of Capri, Paolo Falco, said the ban was lifted after a technical problem was resolved that prevented water from arriving from the mainland.

The mayor, according to the France-Presse agency, issued the ban at 07:00 local time (06:00 in Lisbon), forcing several ‘ferries’ that were already on their way to the island, off the coast of Naples, in southern Italy, to turn around.

The company responsible for supplying water to the island stated that, on Thursday, there was a technical problem on the mainland and that, although it had already been resolved, the supply problems on Capri persisted.

When enacting the ban, Falco warned of “a true emergency situation” and stated that water reservoirs were “running out” on the island.

“The emergency would be worsened by the arrival of thousands of tourists who head to Capri every day,” he argued.

Residents could obtain 25 liters of drinking water per household through a tanker truck and the ban did not apply to residents.

The island of Capri, famous for its white villas, its coastline full of coves and its upscale hotels, has around 13 thousand inhabitants throughout the year and attracts a large number of tourists in the summer, visiting for the day. .

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2584964/levantada-proibicao-de-entrada-de-turistas-na-ilha-italiana-de-capri

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