Biden launched this accusation in response to Trump, who released a video message in which he ruled out the defense of a national ban on abortion if he won the elections, arguing that each of the 50 North American states should decide their own legislation on this matter.

In a statement, Biden recalled that Trump is primarily responsible for the decision of the Supreme Court – with a conservative majority and three judges appointed by the former Republican president – which in 2022 reversed federal control legislation in defense of access to abortion, which had been in force since 1973.

Following this Supreme Court ruling, several Republican-controlled states began banning abortions.

The Democratic President blamed his predecessor for the “cruelty and chaos that has ravaged the United States” since that decision.

“Because of Donald Trump, one in three women in the United States now lives under radical and dangerous bans that put their lives at risk and threaten doctors with lawsuits for doing their jobs,” Biden wrote.

The North American leader denounced that women who wish to terminate their pregnancies are being rejected by the clinics they seek and are forced to go to court to request care or travel to other states where abortion is legal.

Biden also recalled that in states like Florida, abortion will become illegal after six weeks of pregnancy, “before many women even know they are pregnant.”

The president reiterated that he is determined to “restore federal protection” to abortion if he wins re-election and a Democratic majority in Congress after next November’s elections.

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