A group of scientists from the University of Western Australia and the British marine consultancy Kelpie Geosciences sighted a rare species of bioluminescent squid. This specimen, according to experts, has “lighthouses” in its tentacles, which it uses to mislead its prey.

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The team captured the squid when deployed bait cameras in an area known as the Samoa Passage, in the North Pacific. This equipment was installed one kilometer deep.

Once they recovered the cameras, the researchers realized that they had recorded the animal, a type of squid identified as taningia danae, known for producing bioluminescent bursts through its tentacles to disorient its prey.

“The bioluminescent squid, about 75 centimeters long, descended towards our camera assuming it was prey and tried to scare it away with the light,” said research leader Heather Stewart.

We were very lucky to see it“added the scientist.

The discovery and recording of these animals in their habitat is very unusual, especially in deep waters. Researchers have shared the video of the moment.

The mission of the expedition was to explore and document the biodiversity and geodiversity of the sea floor between three and eight kilometers deep.

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Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/calamar-bioluminiscente-fue-grabado-en-profundidades-del-oceano-sorprendentes-imagenes-rg10

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