A Hunger also ravages the north of the Gaza Strip, with hospital director Kamal Adwan guaranteeing, in a statement, that the territory “is facing a humanitarian disaster, with the specter of famine looming large”.

“We don’t have food in Jabalia, just some types of canned goods,” said the director of Al Awda hospital, in this city, to journalist Paula BernabĂ©u, from the Efe agency.

Across the Gaza Strip, 82,000 children show symptoms of malnutrition, of which 35% are in serious condition, according to the territory’s government, controlled by Hamas.

“More than 96% of women and children between six and 23 months do not meet their nutritional needs, due to a lack of minimum dietary diversity”, according to the UN Agency for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA, its acronym in English), in its most recent report on the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Of those 40 dead, 33 were children, according to Gaza Strip leaders.

On June 7, the United Nations placed Israel on the ‘black list’ of states that violate children’s rights.

The Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip specified that of the 37,266 deaths recorded in the conflict, 15,694 were children.

The director of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, Philippe Lazzarini, has already denounced, on social media, the situation of children in the Gaza Strip: “Too many have died, too many are injured, too many are scarred for life.”

In his text he added that “without a ceasefire, they will become a lost generation”, ending up asking Israelis and Palestinians for a ceasefire.

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