An unexpected young star appeared in the United States Congress. This is Guy Rose, who was only 6 years old and who, with funny faces, ended up overshadowing the speech of his father, John Rose, Republican congressman from Tennessee.

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This little boy is the protagonist of headlines throughout the United States for his occurrences in front of the cameras, which he decided to do after his father asked him to “smile for the camera.”

It turned out that the congressman, in the middle of his speech, was criticizing the conviction against former President Donald Trump and accusing the United States judicial system, which, According to his concept, he was acting under alleged political motivations.

However, his words took a backseat thanks to his son’s fun participation. When they asked the little boy if he was tired of appearing on television, he answered no.

“This is what I get for telling my son Guy to smile at the camera for his little brother.“, stated the parliamentarian in his X account.

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