“Brussels (European Union) has been waging an ideological war against Hungary for several years and continues to blackmail. Now we have the documents that prove it,” Orbán said on the digital platform Facebook.

The prime minister refers to a document about an alleged European Union plan to sabotage the Hungarian economy if Orbán vetoes aid to Ukraine at the European bloc’s next summit scheduled for Thursday.

The document published by the British newspaper Financial Times reveals a secret plan by Brussels to allegedly end all financing to Budapest in order to cause a collapse in investor confidence.

Now, Orbán claims that, if carried out, the plan could turn out to be “Armageddon” and promises to act.

“We will defend Hungary’s interests. We cannot allow ourselves to be blackmailed”, stressed the Hungarian Prime Minister in the same text.

Brussels has already declared that the document cited by the newspaper is an “explanatory note” prepared by the general secretariat of the Council of the European Union (EU) that describes the current situation of the Hungarian economy.

The EU added that it is a factual document that does not reflect the state of negotiations on the review of the bloc’s multiannual financial framework (MFF) and does not set out a specific assistance plan for Ukraine or Hungary.

At last month’s EU summit, Orbán blocked the provision of €50 billion from the budget for financial aid to Ukraine.

Orbán was opposed to EU countries taking out a joint loan to finance Ukraine and for this to also come from the European bloc’s budget.

Recently the Hungarian government – accepting these conditions – proposed delivering support in annual installments, to be discussed every year.

This solution did not convince EU partners who fear that Budapest will use the circumstance to blackmail the EU, reports the Hvg digital newspaper portal from Hungary.

The European Commission blocked the payment of around 22 billion euros of regional funds to Hungary for not respecting the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, but, in December 2023, it released 10.2 billion euros of these funds, in response to legislative changes.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2491416/bruxelas-esta-a-travar-guerra-ideologica-contra-a-hungria

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