The building, located on the European side of the city of Istanbul, in Türkiye, collapsed in Kucukcekmec, triggering a rescue operation to search for survivors in the rubble.

Footage captured by a security camera shows passengers waiting in a minibus just before the collapse, narrowly escaping the rubble.

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According to a report from the authorities, initially, seven injured people were rescued from the wreckage, two of whom were in serious condition. Subsequently, the rescue of another injured person and the discovery of a body at the site of the building collapse were confirmed. The fatal victim was identified as a citizen of Turkmenistan.

The structure was 36 years old and collapsed around 8:40 in the morning. Although the causes of the collapse are unclear, no evidence of explosives or seismic activity was found. Additionally, only the top two floors of the building were used as a residence, while the rest housed businesses.

Turkish Urban Planning Minister Mehmet Ozhaseki He noted that the building had been built without meeting established engineering and architectural standards, and that several floors had been added later.

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Istanbul is a city with an official population of 16 million people and close to the North Anatolian Fault. Due to such magnitude, local authorities have indicated that approximately 200,000 buildings need urgent repairs. to guarantee the safety of the inhabitants.


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