O The building that housed a bar and restaurant that collapsed last Thursday in Palma de Mallorca did not have the necessary authorizations. As a result of what happened, four people died.

Apparently, the collapse of the terrace floor on the first floor was caused by the “combination” of excess weight and some work carried out irregularly in the building, according to the president of the Palma de Mallorca City Council, Jaime Martínez, during a press conference held this Tuesday.

“There should not have been any activity at the top (of the building)”, said the fire department spokesman, Eder García, explaining that the preliminary conclusion of the Palma Fire Department, contained in a report sent to the National Police, indicated an overload of 21 people on the terrace at the time of the collapse.

Martínez highlighted that the terrace did not have a municipal activity license to be able to receive customers, meaning that the use of that area was illegal.

The tragic event caused the death of two German women, aged 20 and 30, a Senegalese man, aged 44, and a Spanish woman, aged 33, who worked at the site.

Palma de Mallorca is very popular with tourists, particularly the entertainment venue – the Medusa Beach Club – which was located close to the beach, a very busy area of ​​the island.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2570180/edificio-que-ruiu-em-palma-de-maiorca-nao-tinha-as-devidas-licencas

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