A shocking event in Ongata Rongai, Kenya, has left a family in shock after a wild lioness broke into their home and took their dog, a 75-kilogram Rottweiler, in a matter of minutes. This incident occurred while they were hanging out with some friends inside the house.

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The violent attack was captured by the property’s security cameras, where you can see the lioness jump over the garden wall, head towards the dog and, after a few moments, take the defenseless animal between her teeth. The dog’s owner, Sylvia Wamai, shared her experience with the BBC: “It didn’t even take 10 minutes. “That’s how quickly we lost our dog.” Sylvia and her family could not do anything to save their pet, despite being present in the home at the time.

“Laser”, the dog that the lioness took, was more than a pet for the Wamai family. For almost two years he had been part of the home, providing love and protection with his littermate, Jaci.

Joshua Isigi, a family worker, He tried to defend the dog by using a machete to make noise and scare the lioness, but his efforts were in vain. Residents, accustomed to seeing wildlife in the surrounding area, consider it extremely rare for a predator such as a lioness to invade a home and attack a domestic animal.

Local authorities are investigating how the lioness was able to escape from its natural habitat and reach the property.

See the video of what happened here:

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