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Like every year, on February 2 we celebrate Candlemas. So it’s time to fry the pancakes. There are several reasons why we cook pancakes on this date.

Candlemas is a celebration of pagan origin. If we go back to the time of ancient Rome, two hypotheses are put forward to explain the origins of this celebration. The first would be a tribute to the god Pan which involved the Romans wandering the streets of the city at night waving torches. The second would rather see a celebration of Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, on a date which marks the return of light and the lengthening of the day at the end of the winter period which marks the return to harvest and soil fertility .

If February 2 has always been a day of celebration, it has not always been about eating pancakes. It was with the Christianization of Candlemas since the 5th century that pancakes were associated with this celebration with Pope Gelasius. The torchlight processions are replaced by liturgical processions with candles in honor of the presentation of Jesus at the Temple on February 2. Pope Gelasius I is said to have offered pancakes to pilgrims, which would mark the beginning of the tradition.

In addition, pancakes are reminiscent of the sun with their round, golden shape and their creation would be a symbol of prosperity thanks to the use of leftover flour from the previous year. It is therefore also a question of superstition for the peasants: “If you don’t want sooty wheat, eat pancakes on Candlemas” or eating pancakes would help avoid bad wheat harvests. Since then, the tradition has taken root and we continue to eat pancakes every February 2, mainly out of greed! If you also want to celebrate Candlemas, find all our pancake recipes on our dedicated page!

Beyond the ingredients to be chosen scrupulously, the pause time is one of the essential tips not to neglect to make your crepes a success every time.. It is this step which will give this much appreciated softness to your preparation. Second secret to keeping all the smoothness of your dough: the total absence of lumps when making it. Adding egg yolks is also possible. After preparing a succulent pancake batter, proceed to cooking this dish. Do not hesitate to butter or oil your pan or crepe maker to prevent it from sticking.. And if you have leftover dough or pancakes the day after Candlemas, 4 options are available to you to reheat them while keeping them soft. You can cover the pancakes with a clean cloth while they are still hot or cook them a second time in a bain-marie, in a traditional oven or microwave or in a frying pan.


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