The National Electoral Council of Venezuela announced the official candidates for the presidential elections in that country, which will be held on July 28. President Nicolás Maduro appears 13 times on the ballot.

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A different party appears in each photo of the president. These are those who support Maduro’s candidacy.

But the Venezuelan president is not the only one whose face is repeated on the card.

There are also Luis Martínez and Antonio Ecarri, who appear 6 times; José Brito, is there 4 times; the opponent Edmundo González, María Corina Machado’s candidate, who is there 3 times; Daniel Ceballos, 2 times; and Enrique Márquez, Benjamín Rausseo, Javier Bertucci and Claudio Fermín.

This completes the ten candidates who aspire to the presidency of Venezuela, a position that Nicolás Maduro has held since 2013, after the death of Hugo Chávez.

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What do the surveys say?

The opposition option in the next presidential elections in Venezuela continues to gain support. According to the most recent polls, Edmundo González leads the Chavismo candidate and current president, Nicolás Maduro, by more than 30% of voting intentions.

“It is in the order of 54% and Maduro arrives with 20%, which is like saying his historical ceiling,” said Jesús Seguías, director of the polling firm Datincorp, which conducted the survey.

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