Dand according to an updated projection of the hemicycle, released by the European Parliament and which takes into account 24 provisional results, national estimates and pre-election data, the European People’s Party (EPP) gets 189 MEPs, while the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) elect 135 parliamentarians.

In total, the two largest parties have 324 seats, still below what is necessary for a parliamentary majority (which must be 361, half of the MEPs plus one), so they must dialogue with other forces.

The Renew Europe liberals are the third largest group, with 80 elected, followed by the Conservatives and Reformists (ECR, 72), Identity and Democracy (ID, 58) and the Greens (52).

This evening, reacting to the results, EPP leader Manfred Weber invited the socialists and liberals to an alliance in the new European Parliament, while the conservatives admitted dialogue with the center-right.

“I invite both to join a pro-European democratic alliance for the next five years”, said the president of the EPP, Manfred Weber, addressing the socialists and liberals (second and third placed, respectively, according to forecasts) .

Reacting in the hemicycle of the European Parliament, in Brussels, to the preliminary results of the vote that point to a victory without a majority for the EPP, the vice-president of the European Socialists Pedro Marques highlighted that the S&D (Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats) remains the second largest group in the hemicycle, “by far”, in “particularly challenging” elections which, he said, “with risks to democracy, such as disinformation, violence, attacks on democracy and the rule of law”.

The Portuguese MEP opened the door to a “broader” alliance in the European Parliament, including with the Greens.

For Renewing Europe, the vice-president of the bench, Iskra Mihaylova, stressed that this, which will once again be the third political force of the European Parliament, will play “a very important group in the decision-making process”, further pointing out: “It is not possible to have a pro-European majority” without the liberals.

The vice-president of the ECR, Assita Kanko, admitted dialogue with the PPE, when talking about Von der Leyen’s approach to the Italian prime minister and conservative leader, Giorgia Meloni.

“We’ll see,” said the representative.

“We have worked very well over the last five years [com o PPE]including with Von der Leyen, so it will depend on the program, (…) but I don’t see anything in the past that would prevent us from doing this”, highlighted Assita Kanko, when asked about a possible alliance with the center-right.

For the Greens, Philippe Lambert left an appeal to the Christian Democrats, Socialists and Liberals: “You can perfectly well have a majority among the three, but if you want to stabilize and have responsible policies, embracing the extreme right cannot be an option.”

The European Parliament is the only institution of the European Union (EU) elected by direct vote.

In total, around 361 million voters from the 27 EU countries were called to choose the composition of the next European Parliament, electing 720 MEPs, 15 more than in the previous legislature. Portugal has 21 seats in the hemicycle.

In the previous 2019 elections, 751 MEPs were elected, when the United Kingdom was still part of the EU, but with its departure, there were now 705 seats.

In the legislature that is now ending, the PPE (which includes PSD and CDS-PP) had 176 MEPs, while the S&D (which includes the PS) had 139.

This was followed by Renovar a Europa (102, which is part of the Liberal Initiative), the Greens (71, including Livre and PAN), the Conservatives and Reformists (ECR, 69) and Identity and Democracy (ID, 49, the which Chega belongs to).

The European Left (which includes PCP and Bloco de Esquerda) had 37 parliamentarians and there were 62 unregistered MEPs.

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