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With the Christmas festivities fast approaching, it’s time to choose the log that will end the New Year’s Eve meal. Every year, renowned pastry chefs compete in ingenuity and creativity to offer us logs that combine tradition and modernity. Whether you are a fan of intense dark chocolate, subtle notes of vanilla, or the tangy aromas of exotic fruits, our selection is for everyone. Discover the selection of 2023 Christmas logs that caught our attention.

The Slalom log by Merouan Bounekraf for Epicery


This year Epicery has teamed up with former Top Chef candidate Merouan Bounekraf and his Panade bakery to offer a log with regressive and surprising flavors: a Neapolitan biscuit, a ganache whipped with petit-beurre, almond and hazelnut praline, a Dulcey glaze and a touch of the unexpected with lemon-tarragon confit.

Price: €57 for 6/8 people

Pre-ordered for December 22, 23, 24, 2023 on Epicery

The Benoit Castel log “Between Us”

On a cereal crunch – signature granola style – we find a creamy coconut and hazelnut praline lined with an ultra soft coconut and hazelnut dacquoise. All around, a creamy Madagascar vanilla cream completes the picture.

Price: €50 for a log for 6 to 8 people

Available for pre-order on and directly in store

The Megève log Yann Couvreur

Under these snow-capped mountains and this little cuddled fox hides a vanilla mousse, a heart of chestnut cream and candied chestnuts. The tops hide a dark chocolate shell and a hazelnut and fleur de sel paste. A moment of sweetness for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Price €65 per log for 6 people

Available for pre-order on

The exotic coconut log by Philippe Conticini

This fresh log with tangy flavors is ideal for ending a hearty meal. It consists of an almond biscuit, a passion fruit craquounet, an exotic fruit insert and a foamy coconut cream ∙

price: €62 for a log for 6 to 8 people

Pre-order on

The Mandarin Chestnut Log by Jeffrey Cagnes

The sweet flavor of the chestnut goes perfectly with the more tangy flavor of the tangerine for a balance of flavors in the mouth. In this log, we find a vanilla Genoa bread biscuit, a chestnut crisp, a chestnut and rum cream, a mandarin confit, pieces of chestnuts and a chestnut and rum mousse.

Price: €45 per log for 6 to 8 people

Available for pre-order at Jeffrey Cagnes

Paul’s “gourmet” log

This vanilla pecan log hides a madeleine-style biscuit, a Madagascar vanilla mousse sprinkled with caramel and a crunchy pecan nut sliver… Round and comforting flavors, ideal to seduce the palate of all gourmands.

Price: €26.90 for the log for 4 people

Available in PAUL stores

Vanilla Caramel Cookies Log

The Parisian bakery The French Bastard is offering this year a raw log but with very generous flavors: a soft hazelnut biscuit, a Bavarian vanilla cookie, a runny caramel insert, and a crispy praline cookie,

Price: €40 for a log for 4 to 6 people.

Available in store and on The French Bastards

Dengo’s pod log

The chocolatier offers a limited edition 100% chocolate log with 70% dark chocolate on a creamy dark chocolate and cashew nut biscuit enhanced with a crunchy cashew praline.

Price: €68 for a log for 8 people

Available only to order on

The raspberry log from Baguette

The ideal log for lovers of this little red fruit. It is made from an almond financier biscuit, a light raspberry mousse and a generous raspberry cream.

Price: €28 for a log for 4 people

Available in all Paris Baguette stores


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