Spanish security forces have Two women and seven men were arrested as members of a clan suspected of smuggling cocaine hidden among fruit, cocoa, coffee or charcoal from Colombia.

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The organisation had two clandestine laboratories in rural areas of the provinces of Ciudad Real (centre) and Malaga (south), with sophisticated machines to extract and transform cocaine, which was then distributed throughout Spain.

He had a network of collaborators who ran two commercial establishments in the municipality of Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) where They sold narcotics and allegedly laundered money from criminal activity and sent drugs to other countries.

The investigation began in July 2023, after agents detected a gang dedicated to transporting large quantities of cocaine to Spain, police reported on Tuesday in Madrid.

The drug was hidden among consumer products

Once received, they took it to the laboratories, where they extracted it and left it ready to be distributed.

This was carried out by the so-called ‘cooks’, who were based in Madrid and travelled to the laboratories to work there for the necessary days.

In several registerssecurity forces seized more than 36 kilos of substances used to prepare the drug1,800 liters of liquid precursors – used to transform cocaine – and two tons of charcoal.

They also found 200,000 euros in cash (215,000 dollars), high-end vehicles, a firearm, numerous cell phones and more than 15 fake license plates from countries in the European Union.

Seven of the detainees, the main perpetrators, are already serving preventive detention for drug trafficking, membership in a criminal organisation, money laundering, document falsification and illegal possession of weapons.

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