Is about Tiffany Chan and Anders, both 32 years old, who embarked on this luxurious adventure with their golden retriever, Siu Tim, visiting 26 emblematic places in the Asian country. The story has captured global attention not only because of the high cost, but also because of the level of dedication and love shown towards their pet.

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How did you manage to plan the entire trip?

Preparing for this trip was not an easy task. In August 2022, Tiffany and Anders contacted a pet relocation agency to arrange all the necessary requirements to travel with Siu Tim to Japan. The process included obtaining an import permit, rabies vaccines, blood tests and various management expenses, obtaining a total cost of $1,720. (5,110,622 Colombian pesos). Additionally, the airline charged them $1,615 (4,798,636 Colombian pesos) for transporting the canine.

The couple The procedures began in September 2022, complying with the 180-day period necessary for documentation. Finally, in March 2023, they were ready for their adventure. “On the day of the flight, we arrived at the airport two and a half hours in advance so that Siu Tim could board without problems,” Tiffany Chan told Business Insider.

An unforgettable adventure

For 53 days, Tiffany, Anders and Siu Tim toured Japan, visiting both iconic tourist attractions and rural locations. From Asakusa Temple in Tokyo to the snow-capped Nasu Mountains, Siu Tim experienced a variety of landscapes and activities that would be envied by any travel lover.

The total cost of the trip, including flights, hotels, entertainment, dinners and other expenses, amounted to approximately $40,000 (118,851,680 Colombian pesos).

Although the figure may seem exorbitant, Tiffany and Anders They assure that every peso was worth it. “Offering our pet an unforgettable experience is of incalculable value to us, which makes the sacrifice worth it,” said the woman.

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“Our pet is part of our family and we want it to have the best possible experiences”Tiffany concluded.


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