There is worldwide shock over the femicide of actress and singer Victoria Vera Blyth, who died in her home in Turkey at the hands of her husband David Thomas Blyth. The man took his own life after committing the act, leaving his three children orphaned.

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What was going on in Victoria Vera’s marriage?

A friend of the 40-year-old actress and singer revealed to the local newspaper lightninganonymously, who recently Vera was facing difficulties in her marriage and planned to separate.

Suspicions that something was wrong began a few months ago, when Victoria Vera deleted her Instagram account. “He told me that the husband did not want the wife of an influential businessman to present herself that way. So she agreed and created a new profile, which He already had the public blocked, and stopped sharing his sexy photos“.

In addition to David Thomas Blyth’s claims and control over her life, the famous woman was also “dealing with constant infidelities.” of her husband.” That’s why, according to her friend, she was planning to leave her husband. “He wrote to me that I would not return to Ankara and that he would stay here. She wanted a life without infidelity or stress for the children.”

It is suspected that this was the issue that caused a fight between the couple in their home. Initial investigations suggest that David Thomas, 53, started an argument during which He took a gun and shot his wife.. Apparently, the actress’s children, ages 4, 10 and 14, were at the residence.

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Who was Victoria Vera?

Victoria Vera was born in South Africa, but from the age of 15 she lived in the Czech Republic, where she began her career as a singer. She was the only daughter of George Fick to receive the Czech name after her, so she was officially Věra Ficková.

Her father did not agree with her being a singer, but her stubbornness led her to study musicology and she began to become known under the stage name Victoria Velvet. In 2006, at the age of 21, she released her first album Killing Me Softlywhich produced important musical hits such as Hotel California y Cry.

Thanks to his success, he received support from his father in his musical career, which began to take off internationally. However, in 2009 she had to interrupt her artistic career because she became pregnant by her then boyfriend David Thomas Blyth.

Who was David Thomas Blyth and how did he meet Victoria Vera?

David Thomas Blyth was an oil magnate, owner and director of the international company ASG Inspection, and Victoria Vera’s partner for more than 10 years.

As revealed by a friend of the actress and singer, “she met him in the center of Prague, in the well-known Kozička bar. She was drunk and thought she had caught a Hollywood star.” In 2014 she got married and throughout their relationship they had three children, the youngest was born in 2020.

For many years the couple managed a long-distance relationship due to the constant business trips of David Thomas Blyth, 13 years older than the singer. In 2019, the man established his business in Ankara, Turkey, where he took his wife and children to live.

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