Innovate! Learn how to make a decorated brigadeiro spoon. Spoon of brigadeiro in various flavors in colorful spoons for parties, to give as gifts and even to sell.

The intention of this post is to convey, to those who do not yet know, the innovative and delicious idea of ​​how to present the most popular sweet in our country. It’s the version of the candy in spoons, individually wrapped.

The traditional sweet brigadeiro is known to many but it can also be presented in other options such as pistachio brigadeiro, nut brigadeiro, Belgian chocolate brigadeiro, churros, etc.

In addition to parties, brigadeiro spoons can be sold individually or in boxes of 2, 4, 10, 40 and up to 80 spoons.

Boxes can be purchased ready-made or customized to your liking.

The spoons can be purchased already decorated, purchased in silver or disposable ones suitable for sweets (tea spoon size) in the appropriate colors. For example: for Christmas, the spoons could be in green and red. For Children’s Day, the spoons can be of different colors so that the arrangement is very colorful. Football: use spoons that match the color of the helm. Also use it for Baby Showers, Kitchen Showers, etc.

Other sweets such as: cajuzinho, beijinho and others can also be packaged in spoons.

After the spoons are filled with the candy and decorated, bag them with a transparent cellophane bag and finish with a ribbon bow.

At parties, distribute on plates or pots. To sell, place in boxes with a transparent lid.


  • 1 traditional brigadeiro recipe
  • 1 white brigadeiro recipe
  • White fractionated chocolate
  • Fractionated milk chocolate
  • Various confectionery to taste
  • Transparent cellophane paper bags
  • Thin ribbons of different colors

Preparation ModeDecorated Brigadeiro Spoon Recipe - Decorated Brigadeiro Spoon-380x254

  1. Sanitize spoons.
  2. In each spoon, place a portion of brigadeiro.
  3. Melt the chocolates separately in a bain-marie.
  4. With the melted chocolate, decorate the brigadeiro on all the spoons.
  5. Decorate with sprinkles.

Mom Tips

You can find metal spoons in household goods stores. You can find disposable spoons in party supply stores.

Boxes with transparent lids can be found in packaging houses or party supply stores.


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