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Christmas is fast approaching, and with it the mission of finding the perfect gift for all your loved ones. Perhaps among them there are one or more lovers of cooking and good recipes, those who find happiness in creating delicious dishes and exploring the flavors of the world. To satisfy these enthusiasts, there’s nothing like offering them a culinary journey through books that celebrate the diversity of world cuisine. Discover our special selection for gourmet gifts that will awaken the senses and inspire delicious moments in the kitchen.

“Jerusalem” by Yotam Ottolenghi

British chef of Israeli origin Yotam Ottolenghi is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his best-selling book Jerusalem, sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, with a special edition. This book helped bring Middle Eastern cuisine to the general public. Hailed by critics for its beauty, originality and precision, Jerusalem explores, through cuisine, the riches of different cultures.

Prix : 40 €

“Eat eat” (Ma cuisine suédoise) de Linda Granebring

“Äta äta” means “Eat, eat” in Swedish. Two words that sum up well the values ​​that Linda Granebring wishes to transmit to her family and to her readers through this work. This collection of recipes with Swedish influences shows a cuisine and traditions that are so little known until now but which nevertheless deserve to be in the spotlight. From saffron brioches to tender lamb with grilled hasselback butternut squash and her restaurant’s specialty, golden gnocchi with peas, feta and lemon thyme, Linda Granebring’s recipes open a window on this raw and greedy.

Prix : 28,95 €

“The gourmet inventory of the Mediterranean” by Fabien Vallos

This book is a true bible for lovers of this cuisine, with its 2,200 recipes, all tested, which highlight this incredible gastronomic heritage. Lamb with a spoon, pigeon pastilla, cod brandade, baba ganoush, tfaya couscous, pasta cacio e pepe, arroz al horno valenciano or Menton lemon tart… You will definitely find what you are looking for in this book.

Prix : 49,90 €

“Homemade Thai Cuisine” by Orathay Souksisavanh

Po pia, crying tiger, jungle curry, pad thai, tom kha gai, caramel pork, taro flan, coconut milk ice cream, black sticky rice cake… with this book, we explore real Thai cuisine, rich in flavors. In total, no less than 100 recipes to travel to the heart of this Asian country.

Prix : 29,90 €

“Vietnam 85 easy everyday Vietnamese recipes” by Uyen Luu

Don’t miss out on delicate and tasty cuisine with this book. Everyday recipes, very easy to make at home. Chicken curry, banh mi, pho, find the classics, but also more unknown recipes.

Prix : 29,90 €

“Like in Beirut” by Alan Geaam

In 63 recipes, discover all the richness of true Lebanese cuisine with chef Alan Geaam, multi-starred in the Michelin guide. Cauliflower caviar, traditional hummus, grilled meats, you can easily explore all the complexity and generosity of this gastronomy whose reputation is well established.

Prix : 25,90 €

“The Little Manual for Knowing How to Cook” by Déborah Dupont-Daguet

Do you have a loved one who is afraid of starting out in the kitchen? With this book, Déborah puts everyday cooking within reach. By offering a modernized vision of the cooking manual, the author follows in the footsteps of Ginette Mathiot. Tips, recipes, she in turn shares her secrets as a seasoned cook to facilitate the first steps in the kitchen.

Prix : 29,95 €

“I’m hungry” by Sébastien Doze, Mickaël Carli

After making us drool with their eponymous Instagram account, these two photographers finally offer us their best recipes in this book. Udon alle vongole, shiitake croque-raclette, lasagna with sage butter, pears poached with hibiscus… sunny dishes, delicious and easy to make.

Prix : 19,90 €

“Bouillon, the cult recipes!”

Truffle mayo eggs, ravigote leeks, traditional veal blanquette, paleron bourguignon, floating island or baked apples, find in this book all the recipes that make up the soul of this place.

Prix : 10,90 €


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