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In this article, we invite you to discover new flavors with sweet banana-based recipes. If everyone knows banana bread, it’s time to vary the pleasures. So, let yourself be tempted by desserts that will add a gourmet and tasty touch to your meals.

This banana tart is a comforting dessert where the sweetness of the fruit combines with a delicate crispy pastry. Garnished with slices of fresh banana and topped with creamy cream, this tart will delight lovers of desserts that are both simple and refined. See the banana tart recipe.

Perfect fusion between sweet banana and gourmand chocolate, this cake is a delight for sweet lovers. The melty pieces of banana blend harmoniously with the richness of the chocolate, creating an irresistible dessert in every bite. See the recipe for banana and chocolate cake.

If everyone knows the croque-monsieur, today we offer you a sweet variation with banana and Nutella. Between two slices of French toast, each bite reveals an exquisite blend of textures and flavors. See the Nutella banana croque recipe.

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, these banana waffles offer a delicious alternative for breakfast or snack. Accompanied by maple syrup or fresh fruit, they will delight lovers of morning sweets. See the recipe for banana waffles.

Transform your bananas into an elegant dessert with this Roasted Bananas Meringue recipe. The heat of the caramelized bananas goes very well with the lightness of the meringue. A real treat ! See the recipe for roasted bananas meringue.

Donuts golden on the outside, tender on the inside, topped with an irresistible chocolate sauce. These banana fritters are an invitation to indulgence, perfect for ending a meal on a sweet and comforting note. See the recipe for banana fritters with chocolate sauce.


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