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Generally, pesto is used to accompany a good pasta dish. However, this basil-based sauce can be used in many other recipes. For an aperitif, starter or even as a main course, we share our best preparations to use your pot of pesto in a delicious and original way.

In this savory recipe, pieces of chicken are topped with a generous layer of pesto, then topped with slices of fresh tomatoes and slices of melty mozzarella. A simple dish to prepare but full of flavor that will delight the whole family. See the recipe for Chicken with Pesto, Tomatoes and Mozzarella.

This savory version of babka, traditionally sweet, is an explosion of flavors. Pesto, feta and bacon go perfectly together in this soft and fragrant brioche. Ideal for a gourmet brunch or an impromptu picnic. See the recipe for savory Babka with pesto, feta and bacon.

These original and tasty shortbreads are perfect for a gourmet aperitif. The shortbread dough is topped with pesto before being rolled and sliced, creating pretty cookies with balanced and addictive flavors. See the recipe for Shortbread Rolls with Pesto.


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