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97% of French homes are equipped with a refrigerator, an essential household appliance in the kitchen. In order to keep it as long as possible, it is essential to maintain it well. Indeed, in the event of a breakdown, all the food stored there risks deteriorating. A real waste. Certain signs should alert you to its condition, such as the presence of frost.

In fact, ice accumulation can impact the performance of your device or even cause other malfunctions. So if you have too much frost, it is important to quickly find the reason. Here are some answers to this problem.

A thick layer of frost can be caused by overloading your refrigerator. Indeed, if your food freezes while it is in your fridge, there is a malfunction. However, overheating the device will produce much more frost than normal.

Refrigerators have a fan that runs constantly so that the cold air is well distributed. However, if the latter does not work, it is possible to notice the appearance of frost.

It is essential to move your fridge away from a potential heat source. Therefore, it should not be placed in direct sunlight. Likewise, it is advisable to keep it away from a radiator or a cooking appliance such as the oven. The goal is not to bring warm, humid air inside, which can accelerate the appearance of frost. Along the same lines, it is imperative not to put hot dishes in the fridge, which causes bacteria to multiply and creates frost.

Waterproofing is a key point. Indeed, if your fridge door closes poorly, it could produce frost. In fact, the passage of hot outside air would be more easily possible.

The thermostat allows you to regulate and manage the temperature of the fridge inside. If it does not work, the fridge may no longer produce cold or be much colder and thus create frost.

To defrost your fridge, nothing could be simpler. You place a pot of steaming hot water in the bottom of your refrigerator. Thanks to this, the steam will accelerate the melting of the ice and you will therefore be able to easily remove it. Then blot and take the opportunity to completely clean your fridge.


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