Hundreds of pets have been recovered from the water since flooding began in southern Brazil. Wet and nervous, many have been welcomed into shelters created on the fly while they wait for a new home. A video that has gone viral on social media shows a rescued dog clinging to the leg of a volunteer.

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In Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the shelter located at the Infante Dom Henrique school is a barking mess. It opened its doors to care for 47 dogs, to which 10 cats were added.

The volunteers have opened a social media account with images of the dogs to see if they can find the owners, although it is difficult in the midst of the existing chaos.

Around 10,000 animals, including pets and wild species, have been saved in Rio Grande do Sul in the last week and a half, according to regional authorities.

One of the rescues that has moved the world the most is that of a little dog that clung to the leg of a young volunteer after being saved from the floods.

Some of these operations have received exceptional attention in the media and social networks in a country that goes out of its way for pets.

This is the case of the horse Caramelo, who was rescued from a roof thanks to a special operation with inflatable boats, a dozen firefighters and veterinarians, and a helicopter from the Globo network recording every detail.

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Far from the spotlight, three veterinarians, with stethoscopes around their necks, make rounds at the Porto Alegre shelter to check on the dogs. They listen, look at teeth and give medications to kill the worms. Some bark, although most are calm waiting for their portion of food.

Still unnamed, brown dog number 16 is stretched out on her bed looking tired. She was rescued from Eldorado, a city of 42,000 that is almost entirely flooded, and is now receiving treatment for scabies.

“They arrive in panic, but once settled they begin to relax,” explains Marilia Corsetti, a 62-year-old veterinarian.

Despite the skin infection, dog number 16 has caught the interest of Ana Paula Ramos, a 31-year-old teacher who already has two puppies but says that “where two fit, three fit.”

He runs his hand over its back and asks Corsetti what treatment he should follow for scabies. Once the doubts were cleared, she decided to keep it, to the joy of the veterinarian and the volunteers.

Renamed Margarida, the dog stands up and leaves the shelter wagging her tail with her new owner.

“Thank God, one more adopted!” exclaims Corsetti.

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