The restrictions imposed by the president of the United States, Joe Biden, on illegal migration, which came into effect at midnight, continue to cause something to talk about. The government of the North American country gave more details about the measures that, of course, will affect Colombians who try to enter irregularly through the southern border.

Not even the threats of expedited deportations and restriction of access to asylum stop the passage of these migrants.

Taking into account that in recent weeks the average number of daily arrests of migrants crossing illegally into the United States was above 2,500, the restrictions presented by Joe Biden are already being applied and will affect Colombians like Luis, who made the crossing from national territory and now he does not know what will happen to him.

“A very hard blow, because look at the journey we are taking. How expensive it is for them to come to you with this now”indicated the connational.

In the month of April, more than 11,000 Colombians were detained illegally crossing the southern border.

Under Biden’s new action, the vast majority of migrants, Colombian or not, who cross into the United States illegally will be returned on deportation flights without being able to access asylum and could even face a ban on re-entering that country for five years. There are a number of excepted groups that the Department of Homeland Security detailed in a statement.

These are:

– Minors who cross the border alone.
– Victims of human trafficking.
– Those who have an appointment through the CBP One application.

Those who are not excepted, as a general rule, They will not be granted asylum and will be expeditiously removed unless they can credibly demonstrate that their lives are at risk if they are deported.


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