UA residential building in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was evacuated early this Saturday morning after being hit by a drone.

According to Reuters, everything happened around 7 am local time, 4 am in Lisbon. According to the Russian Federation’s national guard, cited by the news agency, the evacuation took place after a drone crashed into the five-story building.

According to the same source, around 100 people were removed from the building and no injuries were reported.

The first information about the situation was given by the city governor, Alexander Beglov, who began by saying that there were two damaged buildings.

Although the person responsible did not immediately mention the drone, residents interviewed by Reuters described the moment in which the incident occurred.

“I had just opened the window when I heard a whistle, then [ouvi] a snap [Depois] the fire and a smoke-filled apartment and the window flew out”explained Elena, a resident.

Russian media also report that the situation was caused by a downed Ukrainian drone, which was heading towards a nearby fuel depot. According to Reuters, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has already reacted, stating that it “has no information on the situation in question”.

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