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Faced with the diversity offered in supermarkets, it is difficult to choose the right chocolates for Easter. Because even if it is important to treat yourself, it is also advisable to pay attention to the composition of the products you buy. To know where to turn, dietitian nutritionist Juliette Renodau shared her advice on RMC Conso.

The name “chocolate” cannot be attributed to just any product. In reality, it is defined by decree n°76-692 of July 13, 1976 as explained by our colleagues from RMC Conso who emphasize that a product claiming to be “chocolate must have a minimum cocoa content. The proportion of cocoa must appear on the labels”.

This is why, in order to choose the right chocolates, the cocoa content is an essential criterion. According to the website of the Ministry of the Economy, a good chocolate must have “a cocoa dry matter content greater than 35% including at least 18% cocoa butter”.

It must also be one of the first ingredients in the composition. Indeed, be aware that the order of the ingredients is an indicator of their quantity in the product. Thus, the ingredients mentioned first are the most present. Juliette Renodau therefore advises “to move towards chocolates that have cocoa as the first ingredient. Be careful not to confuse this mention with ‘cocoa butter’ which is not a very good sign given that it is a less recommended fat.

The dietician also emphasizes that it is important to be wary of the mention “covered in chocolate”. In question ? Lack of knowledge of the ingredients present: “You have to ask yourself ‘what makes up the inside of my product if it is just coated?’.

The safe bet remains dark chocolate, since it is good for your health: “it contains more protein, fiber, minerals and important antioxidants to protect our cells”. Indeed, generally, other Easter chocolates are much less recommended: “When eating these Easter eggs, you are mainly swallowing sugar, which appears in first position on the ingredient lists. This is not surprising for milk chocolate! If you want to go easy on the sugar , the best option remains to turn to dark chocolate”.

Finally, pay attention to the marketing of certain products. For example, if the mention “without palm oil” may be reassuring, the nutritionist explains to us that this is not a guarantee of quality: “Some brands play on this by insisting on the fact that they do not use any, but the consumer must keep in mind that it is not because there is no palm oil that the product is “Good. It’s a marketing argument that overshadows all the other factors to take into account.”

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