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In a short time, spring will finally appear. The opportunity to find some sunshine and above all to eat much fresher and more colorful dishes. We now forget about raclette and opt for large salads and seasonal vegetables. Among them, asparagus stands out as the star of the month of March. Green or white, difficult to choose our preference.

Anyway, to enhance this product, nothing could be easier. There are many recipes. Just to inspire you a little, we decided to make you a list of our best preparations that will add flavor and sunshine to your plates without further delay!

This creamy, fragrant risotto is a comforting dish that highlights the delicate flavor of fresh green asparagus. Parmesan adds a touch of richness and complexity to this classic dish, perfect for a relaxing evening at home. See the recipe for Risotto with green asparagus and parmesan.

A minimalist recipe that highlights the freshness and simplicity of asparagus. Grilling asparagus gives it a delicious smoky flavor, while grated Parmesan adds a touch of saltiness and richness to this side dish perfect for outdoor grilling. See the recipe for Grilled Asparagus and Parmesan.

These little individual clafoutis combine the creaminess of eggs and cream with the crunchy texture of asparagus. Perfect as a starter or light main course, these clafoutis are an original way to enjoy asparagus in a different and delicious way. See the recipe for Petits clafoutis with green asparagus and parmesan.

This fragrant velvety is a real comfort. The sweetness of white asparagus is accentuated by the tangy touch of orange, creating a balanced and delicious harmony of flavors. Perfect for an elegant starter or light meal. See the recipe for White Asparagus and Orange Velouté.


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