“Ahe tragic scenes unfolding in the Gaza Strip, resulting from the siege and lack of [acesso] to basic needs, combined with the destruction caused by significant bombing [de Israel]are sounding the alarm for the international community”, says a letter addressed by Charles Michel to the heads of State and Government of the European Union (EU).

For this reason, the President of the Council called for “an extraordinary European Council, which will be held via videoconference on Tuesday”, at 5:30 pm local time (4:30 pm in Lisbon).

“It is of the utmost importance that the European Council, in line with the treaties and our values, establishes a common position and a clear and unified line of action that reflects the complexity of the situation that is unfolding”, he defended.

In Charles Michel’s opinion, the conflict “has many consequences, including for the EU”.

“Firstly”, he continued in the letter addressed, among others, to the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, the Union “has always been and must continue to be a firm defender of peace and respect for international law, as it was with the Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.”

The European Union “must work to provide humanitarian assistance” to the Palestinian population, “avoid a regional escalation of the conflict and any loopholes in humanitarian law”.

“We must not lose sight of the importance of seeking a lasting and sustainable peace based on the two-state solution through reinvigorated efforts in the Middle East Peace Process,” he added.

Turning to the communities present in the 27, Charles Michel warned of “the consequences”, “if care is not taken”, of the “potential to exacerbate tensions between communities and fuel extremism”, particularly against Muslims and anti-Semitic demonstrations.

Finally, the president of the European Council warned that there could be an exodus of refugees which, “if not handled carefully”, could worsen the migration problem that exists on Europe’s doorstep.

“It is imperative that we address all these challenges together. Our unity is our strength”, he concluded in the letter addressed to the 27.

The Islamist movement Hamas launched a surprise attack against Israel last Saturday with the launch of thousands of rockets and the incursion of armed militiamen by land, sea and air.

In response, Israel bombed several Hamas infrastructures in the Gaza Strip from the air and imposed a total siege on the territory, cutting off water, fuel and electricity supplies.

The attacks have already caused thousands of deaths and injuries in both territories.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel is “at war” with Hamas.

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