The famous Salvadoran YouTuber Edgar Landaverde, better known as Callejas503, died in recent days. The news was announced by the influencer’s family on their social networks.

According to what was expressed on different platforms, the content creator died, apparently, at the expense of a cardiac arrest, a product of problems related to being overweight.

“We will miss you, thank you for the smiles you gave us. Rest in peace”relatives noted in a publication.

The news fell with sadness among the followers of the 37-year-old Salvadoran YouTuber, who did not take long to leave comments lamenting his death.

“Farewell, my boy with a beautiful smile”, “My deepest condolences”, “We are going to miss you a lot”“A hug for the family”, “God receive him in his holy glory”, “Fly very high”, “I can’t believe it, I’m shocked”, were some of the reactions.

The content creator was fired with a great tribute that was broadcast on networks. Followers and relatives came to this event with flowers and messages of support to say goodbye.

“As a family we invite you to those who can come in person or through the live broadcasts that we will be giving of my brother’s novena through his channel in the San Antonio parish, Holy key”, can be read in one of the statements shared by the influencer’s family.


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