At least Three people died this Friday, May 10, and another four are clinically dead when the bus they were traveling in fell into the Moika River. from a bridge in the center of Saint Petersburg, according to the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations. The accident was captured on video.

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“Unfortunately, three people died. Rescuers pulled nine people from the sunken bus. Two are in serious condition and four are clinically dead.“says the statement.

According to the Fontanka digital newspaper, The divers managed to remove the bodies of several passengers through the windows of the damaged bus and in some cases they resuscitated the wounded on the roof itself.

The driver and a dozen occupants of the vehicle They were able to leave the bus under their own power, what saved their lives.

The water temperature in the canals of the Baltic city is lower than usual, since these days Russia is the scene of an anomalous cold wave for this time of year.

Several people who jumped into the water to help the injured They admitted that the water was “icy” and visibility was practically zero.

The police of the former tsarist capital reported that received the emergency call around 1:00 p.m. local time (10:00 GMT).

According to the municipal Transportation Committee, The driver lost control of the bus, hit several cars parked on the side of the street, made a sharp turn and plunged into the river. what can be seen in a video posted on social networks.

For that reason, The driver was arrested and the Ministry of the Interior announced that a criminal case has been opened for reckless imprudence. which caused more than two deaths, which could lead to up to five years in prison.

Authorities are investigating whether the driver was unwell before the accident, in which The bus almost collided with a boat that was sailing down the river.

A criminal case was also opened against the bus company that she had been fined on several occasions, to which we must add that the driver’s wife reported that she had forced him to work for many more hours than expected.

The social democratic leader in the Duma or Chamber of Deputies, Sergei Mironov, expressed this Friday his indignation because the driver was from Central Asia and called for prohibiting immigrants from working in transportation, as well as in education, although the driver has Russian citizenship.

According to the press, Among the four people who jumped into the water to save the bus occupants were three Dagestanis and an Uzbek.

The vehicle, which was lifted with the help of a crane, fell into the water from a bridge built in the 18th century, but rebuilt with metal in the 19th century and modernized at the beginning of the 20th.

The one known as Kissing Bridge is located a short distance from the Marinski Theater of the cultural capital of this country, known for its numerous canals.

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