More than 30 people died in a fire in a building in Kuwait, in an area where many foreign workers live, the Ministry of the Interior reported on Wednesday, June 12.

The incident occurred in the peripheral neighborhood of Mangaf, south of the capital, and 43 people were also injured, the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

The fire in Kuwait occurred on the lower floors of a building inhabited by Asian workerswitnesses indicated, and it spread quickly to the higher plants.

Only three of the deceased have been identifiedsaid General Eid al Owaihan, director of the Scientific Police in the Kuwaiti Ministry of the Interior.

“We first received notice about the fire at six in the morning. Many injured people were taken to the hospital and more than 35 people died in the building,” General Owaihan told television.

Kuwait fire victims died of suffocation from smoke. The reasons for the conflagration are unknown at the moment, according to the Civil Protection service.

The owner of the building was arrested as part of an investigation into possible negligence, said the Minister of the Interior, Sheikh Fahd al Yusef, when visiting the site.


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