At least 14 people died in a fire in Vietnam, in a small apartment building in the center of Hanoi, state media reported on Friday, May 24.

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“The fire started around 12:30 in the morning. The fire was large, with several explosions,” said the local news agency Vietnam News Agency.

After six in the morning, 14 people died and three were injured, this medium said, citing local officials.

It is unknown how many people were in the building when the fire started in Vietnam. Firefighters extinguished the flames within an hour..

The five-story building is located in a two-meter-wide alley. The upper floors were rented and the ground floor was occupied by a business. for sale and repair of electric bicycles, according to the VNA agency.

A neighbor, who did not want to identify herself, explained to AFP that she had heard an “explosion like firecrackers.” “She thought there was a fight or something banging on the window. I went out and saw the fire,” she said.

“Many neighbors fled from the alley through other neighbors’ houses. We were so, so scared,” he said.

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