NIn a resignation letter he published this afternoon, Braverman found that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had “manifestly and repeatedly failed” to deliver on key promises and claimed that he “never had any intention” of fulfilling them.

Sunak fired Braverman over the phone on Monday after she made a series of inappropriate statements that strayed from the government’s line.

In recent weeks, he has called homelessness a “lifestyle choice” and accused the police of being too soft on pro-Palestinian protests, which he called “hate marches.”

On Saturday, far-right militants clashed with police and attempted to attack a pro-Palestinian demonstration of hundreds of thousands of people on the streets of London.

Critics accused Braverman’s language of helping to inflame tensions.

In the letter, the former minister revealed that Sunak rejected calls to ban pro-Palestinian demonstrations calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

“The UK is at a turning point in our history and is facing a threat of radicalization and extremism unlike anything we have seen in 20 years. I am sorry to say that its response has been uncertain, weak and lacking the leadership qualities this country needs “, he wrote.

As Home Secretary, Braverman defended the Government’s now-suspended plan to deport asylum seekers who arrive in the UK on boats across the English Channel to Rwanda.

The UK High Court’s ruling on the legality of this policy is expected on Wednesday.

Braverman defends Britain’s withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights if the measure is rejected, which Sunak has rejected.

The now deputy accused the Prime Minister of not having a “Plan B” in case the Government lost the case in the Supreme Court, the last judicial instance, and added that the reluctance to withdraw the United Kingdom from international rights agreements was “a betrayal of his promise to the nation that he would do ‘whatever it took’ to stop the boats.”

Sunak’s office said the Prime Minister “will continue to tackle illegal migration” regardless of the outcome in court.

“The Prime Minister was proud to have appointed yesterday [segunda-feira] a strong and united team, focused on defending the interests of the British people,” said a spokesperson.

In the government reshuffle on Monday, Braverman was replaced by former Foreign Minister James Cleverly, who was replaced by former Prime Minister David Cameron.

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