Joe Biden’s presidential re-election bid was in jeopardy Saturday after efforts to move on from a disastrous debate They failed to silence the voices who are urging him to drop out of the race for the White House.

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Murmurs of dissent within his own Democratic Party have morphed – in the case of five individual House representatives – into outright calls for his resignation, and several key donors have threatened to cut off funding if Biden insists on staying the course.

“I don’t think the president can campaign effectively and win against Donald Trump,” Angie Craig, the latest House Democrat to break ranks, said Saturday.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has scheduled a virtual meeting of top Democratic representatives for Sunday to discuss the best way forward, and the Democratic Senator Mark Warner is working to convene a similar forum in the upper chamber.

Biden’s campaign is forging ahead regardless, with an event planned in Pennsylvania on Sunday and visits to other battleground states later in the month.

At a rally in Wisconsin before Friday’s interview, Biden had delivered a forceful and energetic speech, declaring unequivocally: “I’ll keep running. I’ll beat Donald Trump.”

What did Biden say in the ABC interview?

Then came the ABC interview, which seemed unlikely to assuage concerns among critics who say that outside of a teleprompter, Biden may struggle to communicate.

Some of his answers were tentative, rambling and difficult to follow, while trying to deflect questions about his mental acuity and dismissing the idea that his party would consider replacing him.

In what had been billed as a pivotal television interview for last Friday, Biden’s strategy was flatly deny the fall in poll numbers and concerns about his mental and physical state sparked by his poor performance against rival Donald Trump.

He blamed a severe cold for the debate debacle and insisted it was simply a “bad night.” rather than evidence of increasing frailty and cognitive decline.

And the 81-year-old was adamant he would not be pressured into ending his campaign.

“If the Lord Almighty came down and said, ‘Joe, get out of the race,’ I would get out of the race.”he said. “But the Lord Almighty will not come down.”

However, calls for less divine intervention appear to be growing stronger.

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